Try ‘essential’ strategy to get the body you want – what to do

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If a person is looking to lose weight they can start by making a number of changes to their lifestyle in order to shift pounds. But if their stubborn body fat still isn’t shifting, there could be many underlying reasons why.

Eating healthily and exercising regularly isn’t hard for most people but in a world of diets, it can get overwhelming to know the right way to achieve specific goals.

It could be that a person isn’t eating enough carbs or fat for fear they will gain weight instead.

Or they could be focusing on the scales too much which eventually has an adverse effect by causing unnecessary stress.

And Lauryn Lax, a nutrition expert at Breaking Muscle, revealed these are two “important” things people need to consider before they begin a new diet.

Get stress under control

Lauryn revealed stress is the number one driver of all diseases, including stubborn body fat.

It causes the hormone cortisol to rise, triggering higher insulin levels and making blood sugar drop.

When this happens, it leads to greater cravings, therefore, having a negative impact on a person’s weight.

She acknowledged it is “inevitable” in today’s society, especially with the cost of living on the rise.

Lauryn noted even if a person doesn’t think they’re stressed out, even the most minor daily stressors can throw their metabolism out of balance.

She explained: “Biologically, your cortisol level needs to be in a state of balance in order to shed body fat.

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“If your body constantly feels threatened, cortisol levels become chronically high. The last thing your body wants to do when it thinks it’s fighting for survival is comply with your fat loss protocol.

Lauryn warned: “You can’t improve your body when your mind is freaked out.”

She recommended practising some stress-relieving exercises every day to ward off any negative thoughts, as reducing pressure has been shown to help alleviate a “broken” metabolism.

The nutritionist advised practising:

Deep breathing

Meditation or prayer

Meditative movement – stretching, yoga, dance

Reading or listening to positive truth – podcasts, books, speakers.

“These are all tactics for mindfully reducing stress,” she said.

Fix the mindset

Lauryn revealed this is an “essential” strategy that could be hindering people’s weight loss.

“This could be the game changer you’ve been looking for to get your fat loss efforts on track,” she said.

But she stated clearly that the biggest of them all comes from not making your goals solely about fat loss.

“Fat loss is only the means to get something else you really want,” she explained.

“Identify that feeling that you think your fat loss will bring you and begin feeding into goals and pursuits outside fat measurements or the scale itself to attain what it is you truly want.”

She added: “The biggest game changer in getting the body you want will come when you stop focusing so much on scale and size and instead make goals and set intentions around other more important things in your life.

“It’s not bad to want to improve your body composition, but when our sole drive and focus is aimed at body fat loss alone, that dangling carrot will never be fully attained. There will always be someone better, fitter, prettier, or leaner than us!”

Instead, Lauryn encouraged people to set primary goals for personal development, which includes making peace with themselves and food, healing their gut or hormones, reducing their stress levels and by improving relationships in other aspects of their lives.

All of this, she states, will help clear the mind and help with people reach their weight loss goals.

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