Turn belly fat into a six-pack by hula hooping – easy and fun way to burn 210 calories

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Hula hooping is usually a fun activity children do, but it is becoming increasingly popular with women who are looking to lose weight. To maximise weight loss results, using a weighted hula hoop for a low-impact workout has been proven to burn calories, and reduce waist size. 

“Hula hooping can contribute to weight loss, as it is a great cardiovascular workout,” Fitness trainer Jennifer Jens said. 

Additionally, a weighted hula hoop can add more resistance, intensifying your workout so more calories are burnt. 

Jennifer added: “Hula hooping is really enjoyable, and when your workout is something you like to do, you are far more likely to stick to your routine.” 

It comes as research indicates regular hula hooping can be beneficial to your health. 

A small 2019 study of overweight individuals compared six weeks of using a weighted hula hoop with six weeks of walking. 

The participants who hula hooped lost belly fat and increased their abdominal muscles more than those who walked. 

But to see results, consistency is key. 

Jennifer told Insider: “You need to get at least 150 minutes of moderate cardiovascular exercise a week to see benefits. 

“Benefits of cardio include increased endurance, more energy, weight loss, enhanced mood, and improved overall health.” 

In addition to burning calories and being a fun form of cardio, hula hooping can tone your core and postural muscles. 

These include your abs, obliques, and pelvic muscles. 

Balancing the hoop around your waist and constantly circulating your torso back and forth engages your core and helps build strength in these muscles – even more so if the hula hoop is weighted. 

As for how many calories you can expect to burn, according to an American study, 30 minutes of hooping will burn approximately 210 calories.  

The waist is not the only place a hula hoop can be used, swinging a hula hoop on the arms and legs is also a good workout. 

But, according to Hoop Empire, it is best to use a lightweight hula hoop for the arms and legs. 

“Weighted hula hoops can feel uncomfortable on sensitive and bony parts of the body such as the hands, arms and legs – if you wish to avoid bruising and discomfort in these areas, dedicate your weighted hoop to your waist hooping,” the experts explained. 

To hula hoop safely, you really have to engage all parts of your body. 

Hoop Empire said you need to “engage your legs, core muscles and base of your spine while breathing fully”. 

This provides an “instant foundation to move freely and safely with your hula hoop”. 

Ensure your neck and shoulders are also relaxed, and extend the arms, engage the biceps and triceps for a full arm workout. 

“When you start to hoop dance in an engaged and supportive way, hooping becomes a full body workout,” they added. 

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