Weight loss: Best way to stay fit at home according to celebrity personal trainer

Workout at home: Set of 12 exercises you can do in lockdown

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A healthy lifestyle can be achieved with a balanced diet plan and regular exercise. When trying to stay healthy or hit weight loss goals, fitness expert Ashley Verma shared her tips for doing this at home.

Formerly a broadway dancer, fitness has always been an important part of Ashley’s life and she knows the benefits of staying active.

She founded the fitness studio Define London which specialises in workouts based on barre and dance.

During her career, Ashley has helped train the likes of Lisa Snowden, Jourdann Dunn, Shanina Shaik and Poppy Delevigne.

However, with gyms currently closed and personal training sessions off the cards in the UK, there are lots of ways to stay fit at home.

Ashley shared a number of tips on how to be active and exercise at home without any equipment.

Best exercises to do at home

Exercises using only body weight can be enough to get a good workout, the expert explained.

Speaking to Express.co.uk, she said: “Go back to the basics of things that you learned in callisthenics. For example, jumping jacks and push ups.

“You can do old fashioned wall sits which help with endurance for your legs.”

As well as doing body weight exercises, the fitness expert shared other ways to keep the body moving.

“You can simply hold yourself accountable and go for a walk,” she continued, “you don’t need a huge gym to make yourself healthy, it does all start with accountability and shifting your mindset.”

What should you eat?

When it comes to getting into shape, the expert added eating a balanced diet is just as important and exercising.

“[Exercise and nutrition] go hand in hand. We have a slogan called ‘define not diet’,” Ashley stated.

“Move your body in ways that speak to you and motivate you because when you put time into yourself, you will go ‘I’m not going to do that third slice of cake because I’m going to get up tomorrow and go for my 20 minute walk. And I’m going to take the stairs.’

“When you start doing healthy things and investing in those moments it really does shift your mind.

It really does start from little simple tweaks that then start to create this marathon of longevity in your body and longevity in your mind.”

Slimmers can also take note of how foods make them feel to learn more about what they should be eating.

Ashley added: “Write down what food you’re taking in, if you decide to have a salty thing, think how did it make you feel?”

How to find motivation

To begin a fitness journey, dieters must first find the motivation to get started.

Doing this is not always easy and Ashley detailed the importance of setting goals and creating a routine.

She continued: “Set your alarm, set your agenda and write things down. Writing it down and seeing your goals… just works. It’s been around for years.

“[I’d tell] anyone who is new to fitness or in a fitness rut to find a new sense of accountability, to write, to add something different to their routine.

“We look at the schedule and try to change it up for the clients because we don’t want them to feel like they plateau.

You have to keep shifting and adjusting. With fitness especially you have to have that open sense of trying.”

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