Weight loss breakfast: This cereal grain can help lose weight fast – what is it?

When it comes to losing weight, choosing what to eat for breakfast can be one of the hardest decisions slimmers have to make. As the first meal of the day, dieters will be anxious about getting it right, in order for the rest of the day to run smoothly. While slimmers may worry, there are some food items that when eaten at breakfast can speed up weight loss results. Eating this particular cereal grain has been found to help shed pounds fast. What is it?

Weight loss breakfast: This cereal grain can help lose weight fast – what is it?

Wheat germ has been linked to weight loss. A component of the wheat kernel, wheat germ contains a concentrated amount of vitamins and minerals, including manganese, thiamine and selenium.

As well as this, it has a high fibre content, boasting nearly four grams of fibre in each one ounce (28 gram) serving.

Multiple studies have shown that an increase in fibre particularly from cereal grains may benefit weight loss.

One study published in the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health found that eating a high fibre cereal was effective at reducing appetite and food intake, as well as stabilising blood sugar after a meal.

Another study followed over 27,000 men for a period of eight years and found that a higher intake of cereal fiber was associated with a lower risk of weight gain.

How should it be eaten?

Wheat germ is added to some granolas, cereals, and cornbread, and it’s also available raw.

To optimise weight loss results, dieters could try topping their morning oats, yoghurt or smoothies with a handful of wheat germ.

It can be a healthier alternative to breadcrumbs in meatballs, meatloaf, and breading for meats.

Wheat germ is also available in liquid and gelcap form. According to Healthline.com, it can used as a food additive or as a nutritional supplement.

Berries have also been found to help speed up the weight loss process when consumed at breakfast, as they reduce calorie intake later on in the day.

Packed with nutrients, berries are an excellent addition to a weight loss diet. They’re low in calories, which is essential for weight loss with slimmers needing to be in calorie deficit to shed the pounds.

As well as this, berries are also high in fibre, which has been found to reduce hunger and food intake.

The study, which was done on 12 women, found that swapping a high-sugar afternoon snack for a serving of mixed berries reduced calorie intake later in the day by an average of 133 calories.

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