Weight loss diet: Eating this food is the fastest way to lose weight – what is it?

There is lots of advice available for people hoping to shape up and some methods may work better than others. If hoping to lose weight quickly, slimmers can make a few small changes in order to speed up the results. Eating certain foods will help boost the metabolism, which will promote fat loss. Eating foods high in protein have been shown to help slimmer lose weight more quickly than any other food group.

Weight loss plan: Eating high-protein diet can help lose weight fast

How does it work?

Dieters can speed up their metabolism and burn fat more quickly by eating high-protein foods, according to a study published on the US National Library of Medicine.

The researched showed eating protein rich food caused the metabolism to increase by 15 to 30 percent.

This was much higher than carbs, which increased the metabolism by five to ten percent, and fat which increased it by just zero to three percent.

This research showed eating a diet high in protein will help slimmer lose weight more quickly than eating any other food group.

What can slimmers eat?

High protein foods include meats, fish, nuts, beans, pulses and eggs.

Not only will eating these foods speed up the fat-burning process, they will also keep slimmers feeling full, which will make them less likely to snack.

Dieters are likely to eat around 441 fewer calories each day if they eat protein-rich foods for 30 percent of their diet, another study published in the US National Library of Medicine showed.

By eating a high-protein low-carb diet, slimmers are more likely to lose fat but keep muscle.

If hoping to target their waistline, slimmers can flatten their abs by losing weight across their entire body.

An expert revealed cutting down on sugar and adding regular exercise into their diets can help them shift the pounds. 

One man followed a combination of popular diets to help him lose 12st 7lb. 

He combined intermittent fasting with calorie counting and the keto diet to shed the weight.

By doing this, he slimmed from a huge 31st 6lb to a healthier 18st 13lb.

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