Weight loss diet: One food that can help you slim down fast – what is it?

When it comes to shifting pounds, some slimmers try to cut down on how much they eat in a bid to tone up.

Knowing what to eat can be a challenge, and instead of cutting out meals altogether, dieters can beat the bulge by swapping certain foods for healthier options.

One exepert has divulged how one food in particular can kickstart a slimmer’s weight loss journey.

By eating avocado, slimmers can start to notice a change in their waistline, says Daria Kantor, founder and CEO of the personal fitness and lifestyle app, TruBe.

Weight loss diet: One food that can help you slim down fast

Swapping foods high in sugar, such as sweet potatoes, for an avocado is recommended as it contains healthy fats and only one gram of sugar per fruit.

A certain drink can also help people lose weight, according to Daria.

Sipping on hot water with lemon will help the body detox and aid digestion which can help the pounds fall off.

Not cutting out carbs also makes the list of top tips to lose weight, and instead dieters should chose which carbs they eat carefully.

Daria said: “There is a misconception about carbs: brown carbs, such as wholegrain bread, rice or pasta, are great for a balanced diet.

“White grains and starches are very high in sugar and are better substituted for healthier and tastier wholegrain alternatives.”

As well as making small changes to the diet, exercise can help people slim down even more quickly.

Daria recommends exercising regularly, even if this is only a short session.

When trimming down, adding resistance-based exercises such as push-ups, bicep curls and squats will help to add definition.

Running, cycling, power yoga and even skipping are also recommended, according to the expert.

Making these small changes can help dieters reach their weight loss goals and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Recently, one woman lost weight by a following a specific, and cost-effective, diet plan. 

The dieter shrunk from 20st 2lb to 17st 3lb by following the high-fat low-carb keto diet.

TheFor a 28-day period, the diet cost her £300.60, which means it cost her just £7.33 per pound of weight she lost.

Another woman also revealed her incredible weight loss following the same diet. 

Reddit user, “aprilnicholem” lost 11st 5lb using the keto diet.

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