Weight loss diet plan: How man lost 2 stone and belly fat for rippling abs in 10 months

Reddit dieter Minnielumberjack revealed his incredible new physique on thread Progresspics.

The man has overhauled his body, and is looking incredibly healthy and muscular.

Revealing a rippling six pack, his figure is likely to be the envy of many men.

So, how did he lose the weight?

Weight loss diet plan: How this man lost 2 stone and belly fat for rippling abs

The Reddit user revealed how changing his daily activities was essential to shedding the weight.

He said: “The biggest change for me was actually changing my hobbies.

“I found before that most of the time I would just be watching TV on my couch.

I started getting outside and going for walks (sometimes hikes), running, and biking.

“I watched Free Solo so then I quickly added rock-climbing/bouldering to that list (even though I am still not very good it is a lot of fun).”

Aside from becoming more active, what does he eat to keep his physique in check.

He warned against limiting your calorific intake too much, as it means he “burns out”.

What diet plan does he follow?

Breakfast: I do Greek yogurt with granola and fresh fruit (typically strawberries or grapes) (maybe add a little honey if you like it sweeter)

Morning snack: Something simple like an apple or banana

Lunch: I do a clean protein, high carb, and roasted veggies but I like to mix it up

Afternoon snack: A big carrot (sometimes I eat it with peanut butter….I know it is weird)

Dinner: I do a big protein, lower carbs, and a big salad (for volume)

10 ways to lose belly fat

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He also detailed his workouts, and said: “I normally do a full body weight workout three times a week (typically M,W,F takes about an hour) and I run at least 2 days a week (typically Tues, Thurs and I mix it up between distance and sprints).

“M-F I will also do a quick 5 minute of abs.

“On the days I am not running or working out I will try to get 20,000 steps or get out on my bike (not pushing it like a workout).”

Another person who has lost weight is Lisa Riley. 

The Emmerdale star has lost an amazing 12 stone in recent years.

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