Weight loss diet plan reviewed: I lost 4lbs in two weeks following this meal plan

Perhaps the indulgence of the festive season is already making its mark on your middle, or you want to get ahead of your weight loss New Year’s resolution. Either way, a new diet plan could be helpful. Express.co.uk has reviewed a number of diet plans this season to help readers get inspired to fulfill their goals. One reporter tried the Barbara Cox Approach to Weight Loss. How did it fare?


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The plan:

Barbara Cox Approach to Weight Loss – GOLD/VIP program 2-week taster

Barbara is focused on creating permanent weight loss for her clients, not short term solutions.

The plan provides:

  • A one to one consultation
  • One cleanse day plan
  • Two weeks of meal plans with bespoke recipes
  • Daily mentoring on Whatsapp
  • A host of supplemental information – or the “Nutrition Tool Box”
  • A short daily exercise routine

The result:

Almost four lbs weight loss in two weeks, around the healthy benchmark for longterm weight loss.

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How it works:

The diet is fairly simple – it starts with a one day cleanse, which is then repeated for one day every week. This helps to rid the body of toxins, which should help with problems such as headaches, fatigue, allergies, skin problems and weight gain, according to Barbara.

Additionally, it acts as a nice way to get into the new plan, shaking up the routine and helping with focus.

Barbara’s cleanse day involves a juice, overnight oats, a broccoli soup, stir fry and a grapefruit salad.

The meal plan includes delicious breakfast options including an egg and ham muffin that will be entering my usual breakfast rotation, tasty soups of lunch and low carb dinners.

All in all, it’s a fairly simple diet plan with few bells and whistles, which makes it easy to follow long term and, therefore, more effective in my view.

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Barbara offers a one to one consultation at the beginning of the plan, taking into account your needs – including food you like and dislike and anything you are intolerant or allergic to.

She creates a bespoke plan around these needs, meaning you won’t be left eating foods you don’t like.

You really get a sense during the plan of just how dedicated Barbara is to making sure her clients succeed. She is always available over Whatsapp, and sends daily messages for inspiration. I was able to double check details about a recipe, and sent over pictures of my finished egg muffins!

Knowing your guide is just on the other end of the phone helps with a sense of camaraderie, and accountability. There is not excuse to deviate from the plan if you don’t understand instructions, as Barbara is just a text away.

Barbara provides a whole host of supplementary materials, which Barbara describes as the “Nutrition Tool Box”, with expert diet guidance clients can apply to their lives long after they finish working with her, to help with permanent weight loss.


I found the meal plan provided me with far too much food for one person.

I was left with lots of leftovers, which I struggled to find time to eat.

I would recommend adjusting the meal plan or stocking up on enough Tupperware to freeze lots of soup!

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