Weight loss diet: Woman lost a stone and a half following this easy plan – what is it?

Tonight on Save Money: Lose Weight a dieter followed Lisa Riley’s `honesty diet’.

Dieter 44-year-old surgical matron Clare tired out the plan.

She began with a kickstart, eating just 700 to 800 calories a day.

However, Clare revealed she was feeling tired a few days into the diet, and her willpower was low.

Weight loss diet: Woman followed Lisa Riley’s `honesty diet’ to shed

Overall, Clare lost an amazing stone and a half on 28 days.

She shrank down from 18 stone and 8lbs to 17 stone and 2lbs.

Lisa Riley’s honesty diet reveals how the Emmerdale star lost 12 stone.

Lisa said of the diet book: “I’ve called this book my Honesty Diet because that’s exactly what it is.

“You’re going to be honest with yourself; other people are going to be honest with you; and you’re going to be honest about every single thing you put in your mouth.”

Dieters have to keep an honesty diet book in which they write down everything they eat.

On the programme last week, another man lost one stone in just four weeks using this simple diet plan. 

The ITV show Save Money: Lose Weight aims to test out different diets, and this week one dieter followed a low-carb and high-protein plan.

Dieter Steve follower Tom Kerridge ‘Lose Weight For Good’ plan.

He ate between 2000 – 2100 calories a day and old ate lean meat and fish.

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How did Lisa Riley lose weight? For breakfast Lisa has a cup of hot water and lemon and porridge and honey. Then for lunch she has butternut squash and coriander soup with oatcakes.

For dinner she has garlic and chilli cod with roasted spinach and cauliflower.

In an extract from her book Honesty Diet she said: “One thing I should mention is that you usually go to the toilet more when your body begins working as it should.

“Ideally, you want to poo an hour or two after every meal, and at least once a day.

“If you think you’re not pooing enough, have an apple or a handful of berries to help move things along.”

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