Weight loss: Experts behind Adele’s diet say pizza and champagne is on the menu

Singer-songwriter Adele, 32, is best known for her powerful voice and hit songs such as Someone Like You and Rumour Has It. But in recent weeks the star has caught her fans’ attention for another reason – her dramatic weight loss. The talented singer is said to have lost a whopping seven stone with a plan called the Sirtfood Diet. 


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Adele first revealed her slimmer frame at Christmas in a brief appearance on Instagram, but had gone quiet on social media in 2020 – until her birthday. 

The star wowed her fans on her 32nd birthday with a snap of her in a tight little black dress, showing off her trim waistline and tanned legs. 

Rumours have been circling ever since over how the singer dropped the pounds, with sources saying it’s all down to the Sirtfood Diet – a plan which Pippa Middleton is also said to have followed before her wedding. 

The plan was devised by two celebrity nutritionists from the UK, and is centred around eating foods that are thought to have an effect on your metabolism. 

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“Sirtfoods” are the key to the diet, as they contain “sirtuins”, which are proteins that can affect metabolism and inflammation. 

The plan, which has been confirmed by the founders as a more advanced version of the healthy Mediterranean diet, involves different phases, which start out in a very restrictive manner. 

People on the plan are instructed to start phase one with a restricted calorie intake of just 1,000 calories in the first three days, replacing some meals with a specific green juice recipe. 

It then ramps up to 1,500 calories for the remainder of week one, allowing dieters to eat more meals. 

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The next two weeks is then considered a “maintenance phase”, with three balanced meals per day which incorporate sirtfoods plus one of the juices, in order to boost metabolism and keep dropping the weight. 

However, while it may sound like a very strict diet plan, the founders have recently taken to social media to dispel a few myths about the diet. 

Aidan Goggins and Glen Matten, the experts behind The Sirtfood Diet book, have over 34,000 followers on their Instagram account, where they share updates and inspiration about the plan. 

In some of their latest posts, they’ve talked about the ethos behind it – and encouraged fans of the diet to eat pizza and even drink champagne. 


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Sharing a photo of a pizza that they had been tagged in by one of the diet’s many fans, the founders wrote: “For us, the Sirtfood Diet is so much more than about losing weight. 

“Centred around the healthiest and arguably some of the most delicious plant foods on the planet, we conceived this as a food lover’s diet. 

“A celebration of the best foods nature has to offer. Not a lonely diet of restriction and forbidden foods but a way of eating that we can truly enjoy with our family and friends.”

The pizza had a thin buckwheat base, and was topped with plenty of rocket – an approved sirtfood – and the recipe is in the original book. 

But while the pizza might be a healthier version of the nation’s go-to Italian dish, the founders also recommended another treat to their followers. 

Celebrating Independence Day, they shared a video explaining some new research on champagne. 

The video revealed that scientists at Reading University have proven that sparkling wine has a positive effect on your health, adding that “champagne is good for your brain”. 

According to the founders, it’s all down to the polyphenols in the red grape pinot noir.

“As good a reason as any to celebrate that champagne is made from the same sirtuin activating grapes as red wine and is thus a bona fide brain food,” they wrote.

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