Weight loss expert’s ‘simplest and most effective’ way to burn fat with high protein plan

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Weight loss goals are not easy to reach but there are plenty of diet plans available offering results. Adding more protein in a diet plan could be the best way to speed up the fat-burning process, an expert claimed.

When trying to slim down, personal trainer at Snap Fitness Burntwood Liam Smith explained dieters should be mindful of the foods they eat.

Eating meals high in protein can help boost the metabolism and speed up weight loss, he said.

“Choosing the right diet for weight loss can get confusing with all these new products and fad weight loss diets,” Liam explained.

“However the simplest and most effective way is tracking your macronutrients – fats, carbohydrates and proteins – especially your protein intake.

“Having a structured training plan and diet is essential for weight loss, a high protein diet in particular will aid in muscle repair and will keep you fuller for much longer.”

A study published in the National Library of Medicine revealed eating protein can increase the production of hormones GLP-1, peptide YY and cholecystokinin, which all suppress the appetite.

The study showed that high protein meals also reduce levels of the hunger hormone ghrelin.

Liam claimed that foods high in protein can help build muscle and burn fat.

What can you eat?

High protein foods include meat, fish, eggs, dairy, tofu, nuts and pulses.

Liam added: “I suggest with my clients roughly one gram of protein per one pound of bodyweight.

“This amount of protein is sufficient to both maintain muscle mass, and keep you fuller for longer which will aid your weight loss journey.

“Protein also has a high thermic effect which means your body requires more energy to digest them, your main sources of protein can come from meat, fish, nuts, dairy and eggs.

“For a practical approach when it comes to weight loss ensure you’re staying within a calorie deficit, and make sure you hit your protein intake each day.

“With reduced snacking, wider food variety and more muscle mass, a weight loss diet can be significantly less painful than the ‘traditional’ methods.”

When trying to tone up, dieters must make sure they are not eating more than they are burning off.

However, Liam warned against diets that are too low in calories and restrictive.

‘Fad’ diets can be difficult to maintain and are often unhealthy options.

“Your main concern should be staying in a calorie deficit, which if protein is low will result in muscle loss,” the expert commented.

“Restrictive ‘fad’ diets can be very limiting and incredibly difficult to sustain.

“Finding a diet that suits you both with taste and hitting your macronutrients will allow for it to be more sustainable and therefore successful.”

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