Weight loss: Lose 1st in 4wks with keto diet – ‘The challenge is to get to end of month’

Keto: Doctor explains benefits of reduced-carb diet

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A keto diet “promotes very low-carb, moderate protein and high-fat foods”, while there are some side effects to the diet, most people see rapid weight loss within the first month. Express.co.uk spoke to Suzie Walker, founder of Keto Collective about the amount of weight someone could expect within four weeks. 

Suzie explained: “The purpose of the keto way of eating is to change the way your body converts certain foods into energy. 

“Keto has become popular because it turns your body into a fat-burning machine.  

“Simply put, keto shifts your whole body from relying on carbs as an energy source to fuelling itself with fats, burning fat stores 24 hours a day.”

In terms of how much weight someone can expect to lose in the first month, she said: “As with all weight loss, it will always depend on the person. 

“But on average, in the first four weeks, you can lose up to 14 pounds, allowing for water weight. 

“The challenge is getting to the end of the first month – in general people get so fat adapted and used to the keto way of eating, they fly from that point.” 

Suzie also spoke about weight loss for women over 40: “Specifically thinking about menopause, it can be harder to lose weight. 

“But keto is a great way to jumpstart your metabolism. 

“Keep going – often the other health benefits will keep you hooked,” she advised.

As for what the other benefits keto brings, Suzie revealed: “Honestly, they range from clinical to lifestyle, but they often become more important than the weight loss. 

“Because keto controls blood sugar it’s used to prevent and reverse Type 2 diabetes and studies also show it helps control epilepsy, especially in kids.”

So what foods can be eaten on the keto diet? 

Suzie shared: “We see so many people over-complicate keto way of eating at first – stick with it and soon, it will become second nature, I promise.

Making it super simple, you can eat all unprocessed animal products, eggs and vegetables that grow above the ground.

“Reduce/avoid grains so wheat, rice and corn. That means bread, pasta, and rice are out – and potatoes. 

“Get your carb allowance from green veggies and eat fruit sparingly. 

“Sugary stuff (no sneaky biscuits), fruit juices and high sugar fruits like bananas, pineapples and mangoes,” are also to be avoided. 

Suzie added: “Up your intake of oily fish and nuts – macadamias, cashews. Hazelnuts, almonds and pistachios are best – for healthy fats. 

“Ditch any polyunsaturated oils – replace these with natural fats like butter, olive and coconut oil.

“Here’s the thing – always go for full-fat on dairy products.

“For protein, eat high-quality meat. If you can make it grass-fed, ideally from British farms. 

“Other sources include fish, eggs aplenty (again go for quality), nuts, seeds, dairy and protein powder,” she added. 

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