Weight loss: One man shed an astounding ten stone by making this change to his diet

Whatever the reason for losing weight, reaching goals is not an easy task for slimmers. However, looking to others who have lost weight can be a good way to discover new diet plans and get motivation. One man lost an astounding ten stone, slimming down from 24 stone to a much healthier 14 stone and used Reddit to reveal the trick he used. The user “ragequitr1975” explained he followed the low-carb and high-fat keto diet plan along with exercise to help him change his life.

I began Keto July 2018. I downloaded a Keto app and plugged in my goals.

Reddit user

As well as revealing his weight loss, the slimmer told Reddit users he is 42-years-old and 5ft 11in.

His weight loss journey began two years ago when he decided to cut out sugar and lost 2st 2lb.

The following year, “ragequitr1975” switched to the ketogenic diet and started eating high fat and low carb foods.

By eating these foods, the body is thought to enter into a state called “ketosis” which helps burn fat more quickly.

He said: “I began Keto July 2018. I downloaded a Keto app and plugged in my goals. This provided my macros.

“Then I also downloaded the My Fitness Pal app to figure out the dietary info numbers and whatnot for my favourite items. i.e. bacon, steak, chicken breast, breakfast sausage.”

The slimmer explained he used a fitness app to track what he ate for a few months before he could judge for himself how much he could eat day.

As well as the meat items “ragequitr1975” ate on the keto diet, those on the plan can also tuck into foods including fish, nuts, seeds and vegetables.

He began drinking more water as part of his weight loss journey and told Reddit users drinking more water helped when he felt his progress slowing.

When trying to shape up, the dieter also added exercise into his lifestyle and began to work out at home.

On Reddit, he explained: “I don’t go to a gym, I use my body weight. the exercises only. I downloaded that sit up, squat, push up challenge app thing.”

Under his post, other users were quick to compliment him on his transformation and show their support.

If using a diet plan, intermittent fasting is a popular way to stay slim but they must avoid making a common mistake. 

Slimmers using this plan limit how often they eat and try to eat all their meals within a set time frame, such as an eight hour window.

Doing this is meant to help speed up the fat burning process by giving the body a break between meals, however slimmers must ensure they do not eat too late in the day to get the best results.

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