Weight loss: One woman shed 4st 6lb with this diet plan – what did she eat?

Weight loss can be achieved in a number of ways and some people will change their diet and exercise routines in a bid to shape up. Others may search for inspiration by looking to those who have already managed to lose weight themselves. Having battled with her weight for the best part of ten years, Lianne Butler, 30, decided it was time to make a change. She swapped comfort eating for eating healthy meals, so what did she eat?

Seeing the quick results also gave me all the motivation I needed to continue – I was certainly not giving up!

Lianne Butler

Tipping the scales at 15st 10lb, Lianne was at her heaviest weight and was unsure how to make a change.

She said: “The more the years went by, the more weight I seemed to gain. It was like I couldn’t stop myself and it was an ongoing cycle that just got worse and worse.

“I knew something needed to change, I just didn’t know what.”

After coming out of a long-term relationship and entering into a new one in July 2018, Lianne felt the motivation to change her life.

She said: “It was like a light switch went on in my head. She made me feel like anything was possible and I started to put myself first, starting with tackling my weight.”

After seeing an advert for the Terri Ann 123 Diet Plan online, the slimmer decided to give it a try and began making changes to her diet.

On this plan, dieters limit their intake of starchy carbohydrates and boost their intake of protein, vegetables and healthy fats for ten days.

After this, fruit and starchy carbohydrates are re-introduced before the carbs are completely cut from the diet.

Following this plan, Lianne soon saw results and was motivated to stay on track.

She explained: “I did find cooking food and eating proper meals throughout the day difficult, as it was something I wasn’t used to.

“But once I got into the routine of cooking and preparing meals, I found it a breeze and actually starting to like it.

“Seeing the quick results also gave me all the motivation I needed to continue – I was certainly not giving up!”

Leanne slimmed down to a trim 11st 4lb and began added exercise into her lifestyle.

She revealed she now regularly runs, does yoga and follows at home exercise.

When trying to lose weight, some people may do this by focusing on their diet.

Following a low-carb keto diet is a popular option for many and this is thought to help boost the metabolism to help slimmers burn fat quickly. 

Others may opt to follow an intermittent fasting plan, which requires slimmers to eat all their daily calories within a set time period. 

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