Weight loss: Slimmer shed 13lb without cutting anything from diet – ‘still enjoys treats’

Expert explains why enjoying exercise is important

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Over the last year, Holly Crocker managed to shed 13lb and gain the confidence she’s always wanted by making a few simple changes to her lifestyle, and now she’s reaping the rewards. The 27-year-old freelancer embarked on her health and fitness journey after experiencing a difficult period with her anxiety, but she found comfort in regular training.

This, alongside eating a healthy diet, were key factors in managing her mental health and providing something she could focus on to keep her on track and motivated.

Before she decided to turn her life around with the help of training academy Fit & Food, she had “no real structure or planning” around her meals.

This meant Holly struggled to stay accountable for her eating habits and dietary choices.

But after gaining more knowledge around what she was putting in her body, her weight loss came naturally.

And she didn’t need to make radical or extreme changes/cuts within her nutrition to achieve it.

Instead, the change in both the quantity of exercise she started to undertake as well as the type of training she did meant it was important to become more aware of how she was fuelling around her training.

Now Holly plans her meals and snacks around her training each day, ensuring she incorporates variety into every meal including a higher amount of protein on heavy training days.

She hasn’t cut anything out from her diet, still enjoys sweet treats, meals out and even a gin and tonic.

But she ensures she maintains nutritional balance throughout the week and stays consistent with exercise.

The journey to weight loss can be a very lonely one, but Holly has pinned a lot of her successes on finding someone who cared about her journey.

Having committed to a 1:1 weekly personal training session with PT Laura Byrne, she now works out five days per week ensuring she takes two full rest days.

Holly’s weekly exercise schedule consists of:

One PT session and four studio classes – two bodyweight, one light weights and one studio-only circuit class.

Her hard work, consistency and patience has paid off and by maintaining her diet and exercise plan, she’s still thriving off continual changes and physical or mental improvements to her health.

Holly has also noticed more achievements over time, as she can now lift heavier weights at the gym.

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