Weight loss: Start your weight loss journey right with these top five breakfast ideas

Weight loss doesn’t have to be a difficult journey, if you don’t want it to be – that is. After all, weight loss isn’t just black and white. There are many articles highlighting the different means to reach an ideal weight goal or achieve a total weight overhaul and have an incredible weight loss transformation in a couple of weeks.


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However, even though many are spurred to lose weight, many struggle to get to grasp with what is actually required and trying out fad-diets or “quick” fix diets could lead to dangerous weight loss, with the weight coming back once the individual has stopped the diet. So, what can you do to keep the weight off?

Experts advise that when embarking on a weight loss journey, especially if previously the individual has had no experience in weight loss programmes, the trick is to start off small.

In fact, according to EatWell the easiest change someone can make is by starting the day with a healthy breakfast.

As, “starting your day with healthy breakfast foods can help you maintain energy, fend off hunger attacks and lose weight,” much easier.

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According to research, people who eat regular healthy breakfasts “tend to be leaner and [are] more successful at losing weight – and keeping it off – when they eat breakfast”.

A healthy breakfast should be a well-balanced mix of protein, complex carbohydrates, fibre and healthy fat to keep an individual feeling full and filed up for the rest of the day.

Recent research conducted in the Journal of Nutrition, suggested that eating more fibre is a great way to prevent weight gain or even encourage weight loss.

According to several sources, the quick and easy scrambled egg on hearty bread recipe is one of the best breakfasts for weight loss.

This is because it combines weight loss superfoods, egg and raspberries, with nutrient-packed spinach on wholegrain toast.

According to EatingWell, there are five main foods that should be at the top of the list for any slimmer.

Start your weight loss journey with a low-calorie breakfast meal using some of the five healthy breakfast foods (oatmeal, peanut butter, yoghurt, eggs and raspberries) as eating them regularly can help with weight loss.

Remember to keep it simple, so why not try some of the recipes below to start off your weight loss transformation.

A firm fan favourite is spinach and scrambled egg on wholegrain toast with raspberries.


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The protein and fibre in the breakfast will help fill an individual up while still maintaining a low-calorie count. It has been estimated that each spinach and scrambled egg with raspberries on wholegrain toast has under 300 calories!

Another favourite is a peanut butter smoothie bowl with granola, fresh berries, banana and dark chocolate shavings.

A recipe suggestion for the sweet tooth slimmer, is the peanut butter bowl as it’s great for keeping an individual feeling full for hours, curb cravings and more!

Smoothie bowls come in various colours and flavours but the texture is always the same: thicker tan a drinkable smoothie but thinner than a pudding.

What’s great about a smoothie bowl is that there are endless possibilities of ingredients to use and ways to construct a bowl.

However, one thing to note when creating a masterpiece such as this is to make sure to use frozen fruit to yield a creamy, frosty base for the toppings.

Avocado and kale omelette are also a healthy but delicious breakfast option for a slimmer, after all, weight loss doesn’t mean plain.

Top a high-protein omelette with avocado and fibre-rich kale and this will help slimmers keep hunger at bay.

Play around with different spices and herbs to give it that extra kick of flavour.

Why not try your hand at baking and opt for a delicious bacon and egg mini quiches?

A super easy recipe to make, which is super keto-friendly, and perfect for lunchbox sized meals.

Bake a mini quiche using a muffin-tin with egg, slices of bacon, heavy cream and fresh basil to make a delicious and satisfying alternative to breakfast foods.

Finally, try brunching with a twist.

Make a fresh wholegrain waffle and top it with, avocado, cucumber, salmon and poached egg.

This makes for a delicious breakfast at a fraction of the calorie intake during breakfast of an average Briton.

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