Weight loss: The cardio workout that could help burn more fat in less time than others

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The treadmill may be the first cardio machine many new or seasoned gym-goers make a beeline for before or after their workouts. But in recent years, something else has taken over as the most sought-after piece of equipment and has become a top choice for home exercise equipment.

The elliptical machine, also known as the cross-trainer, has soared in popularity because it is very low-impact.

But there are numerous benefits of using an elliptical, including targeting specific leg muscles and maintaining fitness after injury.

1. Less stress on your joints

Elliptical machines provide low-impact aerobic activity, meaning the can be a good alternative to running or jogging for someone who has joint pain.

The knees, ankles, hips, and other joints can take a beating when doing other high impact cardio exercises.

But as a user’s feet never lift off of the pedals of an elliptical trainer, this relieves some of the pressure on the joints.

According to Healthline, a 2014 study showed that an elliptical workout is significantly less weight-bearing than other cardio exercises.

2. Boosts your stamina and cardio capacity

An elliptical machine offers a range of different programs, allowing users to perform both high intensity interval training and steady-state cardio workouts.

Getting in a good aerobic workout can strengthen your heart, lungs, and muscles and eventually help build your stamina and endurance.

3. Burns body fat

A 2017 study published by the National Library of Medicine found that burning calories on an elliptical is higher than that of some other cardio machines, such as the stationary bike.

This is because it can help slimmers lose body fat in a shorter amount of time.

To maximise fat burning, it is suggested that a user adds interval training to their workouts, mixing up the intensity and duration to accomplish more in a shorter amount of time.

4. Improves balance

It’s no secret that weight-bearing exercises not only strengthens the bones but can also improve balance.

People wanting to lose weight can use an elliptical trainer to target their core muscles and work on their balance at the same time bu letting go of the machine handles.

5. Both an upper and lower body workout

The elliptical has the potential to target your glutes, hamstrings, quads, chest, back, biceps, triceps, and core muscles, when done correctly.

The handles allow users to pump your arms just as fast as moving their legs, giving full body benefits.

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