Weight loss: Top energy boosting snacks to eat before working out to help shed the pounds

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Energy boosting foods including those which are high in nutrients and vitamins. When it comes to losing weight there are so many diets on the market to follow but simply eating healthy foods while in a calorie deficit can help shed the pounds. An expert has shared some top energy boosting snacks that can be useful to eat before working out.

The body needs fuel when exercising and even while resting.

Fuel comes from food and certain foods can help provide more energy for the body.

Dr. Kianoush Missaghi, Training Experience Manager at Al-based fitness and lifestyle coaching app Freeletics has shared some top foods to eat before exercising. 

The expert said: “Food is fuel. Being mindful about how you are feeding your body, you can reach the next level in your training.”

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Blueberries are a great antioxidant fruit that are packed with nutrients and vitamins.

Dr. Kianoush explained: “A sweet pre-workout snack can help you excel during your workout. That doesn’t mean that you should start preparing candy bars as your new favourite exercise treat but instead look for natural sugar!

“A handful of blueberries, for example, is advantageous in providing complex carbohydrates. This means that they will supply your body with a consistent stream of energy during your workout.”


Bananas contain a lot of fibre and are a filling snack which means that slimmers will be less inclined to reach for more snacks throughout the day.

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According to the expert, “bananas are referred to as ‘nature’s power bar’.”

“They are filled with complex carbs fuelling you up right away but also contain potassium, which supports your muscle replenishment, making them the perfect pre-and post-workout snack,” added Dr. Kianoush.


Nuts including almonds while high in calories, can provide the body with a range of different nutrients.

The expert explained: “Fearing that nuts are dense in calories, many athletes avoid them. In fact, they will boost your physical performance and improve your overall health.

“In general, nuts are good sources of fibre, protein and healthy fats like omega-3, making them a great addition to your pre-workout routine.”


Porridge is a great option to eat in the morning for breakfast or before working out because it can be filling and provides the body with energy.

Dr. Kianoush added that porridge is filled with complex carbohydrates.

The expert said: “This breakfast classic is incredibly easy to make, rather inexpensive and has much variety when it comes to toppings.

“Try adding some protein powder while simmering and top it off with peanut butter to give you that extra energy boost.”


Liquids are also extremely important when it comes to trying to lose weight and when it comes to exercising.

Water can help aid in exercise because it rehydrates the body.

The expert explained: “Staying hydrated is one of the most straightforward and essential tips to remember when it comes to your workout preparation.

“Aside from preventing overeating, drinking sufficient water also keeps your muscles and joints lubricated.”

Dr. Kianoush also shared some top tips when it comes to eating before exercising.

The expert advised against overeating pre-workout snacks and consuming small portions instead.

“Make sure to eat your meal or snack roughly 30-90 minutes before working out.

“The closer you are to a workout, the more you need to rely on easily digestible foods so you don’t feel any pain or discomfort during the session.

“Knowing what not to eat before a workout is as important as knowing what to eat. Many healthy foods are excellent in refuelling your body after a tough workout but are considered suboptimal when it comes to being a pre-workout snack.

“Beans, although a great source for complex carbs and protein, contain a high amount of fibre, which makes them hard to digest – especially during a workout.

“The same ors for fried or fatty foods as they contain fats that stay longer in your digestive system and are harder to digest, increasing the risk of getting cramps or feeling bloated and sluggish.”

Freeletics Nutrition has a huge range of healthy recipes and foods that are suitable to consume before exercising.

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