Weight loss: Woman loses more than a stone in four weeks following Michael Mosley’s plan

Fast 800: Dr Amir Khan explains the concept of diet

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Lose a Stone in 4 Weeks for Summer aired on Channel 5 tonight, which saw 10 people put on different diet plans to see which one was the most effective. One volunteer, Alicia, lost more than a stone in weight following The Fast 800 diet plan.

Appearing on the show, Dr Amir Khan explained: “The Fast 800 limits your calorie intake to 800 a day and furthermore, you have to eat them all within the first 12 hours.

“Now that forces your body to enter a ketogenic state, where you’re breaking down your own fat stores to release energy and you should lose weight.”

The rapid weight loss diet plan involved eating 800 calories a day.

Although recommended short-term, it can help a slimmer lose weight fast.

Those following the diet typically consume Mediterranean style diet recipes, which include lots of vegetables.

Foods like this are nutritious and filling, while also being extremely low in calories.

Food groups consumed on the diet are also designed to keep slimmers full and satisfied.

This can help reduce the need for snacking throughout the day.

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In order to lose weight, a slimmer must be in a calorie deficit, which means burning more calories than they are consuming.

The Channel 5 volunteer, Alicia, went from eating 1,700 calories a day to just 800.

This meant she had to cut out a huge portion of carbohydrates from her diet, a food group which she loved.

With a starting weight of 17st 2lbs, Dr Amir Khan explained that the slimmer was classified as obese.

However, after a month of following The Fast 800 diet, Alicia managed to shift a huge 1st 4lbs in weight.

The diet has been proven to be effective in bringing down raised blood sugars as well as being more effective than other diets on the market.

Michael Mosley previously shared that 800 calories is high enough to give the body the nutrients it needs.

He said: “Most rapid weight loss studies are now based on 800 calories a day, which is high enough to be sustainable and give the nutrients you need, and low enough to lead to rapid weight loss and other beneficial health changes.

“You might worry about getting hungry but most people who do The Fast 800 diet say that within a very short time your hunger passes.

“Rapid weight loss encourages your body to switch over to fat burning. It also reduces insulin levels, increases growth hormone and boosts levels of a hormone called BDNF in the brain, which helps improve your mood.

“The Fast 800 as a weight loss plan is based on cutting-edge medical research. It works! It’s not so much a dirt, as a bespoke weight loss planner, designed to fit around your own needs.

“It embraces time-restricted eating and the Mediterranean principles of consuming a diet rich in healthy proteins and vegetables and lower in carbs.

“Healthy fats such as olive oil and nuts are encouraged and the occasional glass of wine or bite of dark chocolate is allowed, so that people eat well, remain sated and don’t feel deprived.”

The Fast 800 is a rapid weight loss programme and therefore isn’t suited to everyone.

It is recommended to consult a doctor or dietician before following extreme diets.

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