Woman drops 9 stone after having ‘family-sized chocolate bars’ every night

Leia Jackson, from East Sussex, weighed 18st 6lbs at her heaviest and wore a size 22 to 26 dress.

The mum-of-two decided that she needed a drastic change and underwent weight loss surgery followed by a massive lifestyle overhaul.

The slimmer admitted that she would have ice cream and big bars of Dairy Milk every day. She explained: “I’ve been on a diet since I was 10. I was never happy with my weight but I was always a size 14 to 16. It wasn’t until after the birth of my first child that I got bigger and couldn’t lose it.

“I basically trained myself not to look in a mirror or only look at my face if I was getting in the shower or getting changed in the bedroom. I never looked at my body. Looking back it was very unhealthy.”

Leia continued: “My portion control was massively wrong. My breakfast, lunch and dinner was pretty normal.

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“Then I would have a family-sized chocolate bar to myself every evening. Even though I was eating healthily most of the time it was just too much.

“I decided enough was enough, I had to do something drastic because no one would ever love me the way I deserved if I didn’t love myself.”

Leia decided to go for bariatric surgery, or a mini gastric bypass where the stomach is divided in two, at Weight Loss Riga.

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A smaller pouch now serves as Leia’s stomach and because it has been reduced in size, she eats less.

Four weeks after the surgery, Leia started doing simple workouts. “I always tell people the surgery is the easy part, you then need to make lifestyle changes.”

Leia overhauled her fitness routine and now enjoys kickboxing, weight training twice a week, early-morning hill sprints and running.

She explained: “I couldn’t have done half of that before. I feel amazing. Now I can run around with the boys and it doesn’t take me ages to get up off the floor.

“I’ve also changed the way I parent. I was always told if I didn’t finish what was on my plate I wouldn’t get pudding, and I always wanted pudding.

“Now I give my boys a smaller dinner and dessert, or they can ask me for more and get seconds. I’m in the best shape of my life physically but more importantly, I’m in the best shape mentally. And I’m finally able to look in a mirror.”

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