Woman loses 3st in just six months after ‘upsetting comment’

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Amy shared what her life before losing weight was like: “My dad and I would both get nasty comments about our weight and I’d also get people criticising my voice for being too loud. It was quite upsetting. There were people on Twitter calling us ‘the fat family from Gogglebox’ but my mum and my brother have never had any problems with their weight.”

She explained: “Everyone seems to be interested in my weight loss and asks questions about it. Most of the time they mean well but there can be nasty comments as well. Luckily I have some amazingly supportive people around me so I have been able to deal with it.

“More recently it has come full circle with people on my social media sharing in my weight loss journey and sharing their goals and progress too. It’s an amazing feeling when they thank me for being their inspiration.

“Everyone out there has their own insecurities of one kind or another. For many people it’s about their weight and I am very fortunate to be able to help many of them gain the tools they need to take positive steps forward.”

Amy had tried many diets before but none of them worked for her until she started following the Goal Getters meal plan.

The dieter shared her experienced: “A lot of these other diets I tried just weren’t healthy, they were a quick fix. I’d drop a stone or two and that was it, it was so difficult to make any progress beyond that. What I needed was a positive lifestyle change.

“I used to find healthy eating hard due to having a social life and constantly being out with my friends and I then realised that mindset was what was holding me back.

“I used to think to myself ‘when is the right time?’ then I realised that I had to make it the right time.”

Goal Getters sent Amy one week’s worth of meals as part of the Goal Getters meal plan. The delivery included three tasty meals a day, pre-portioned and calorie controlled, as well as low-calorie but delicious snacks.

The plan included meals such as blueberry protein pancakes, mushroom pesto pasta, MuscleFood’s salted caramel protein bars and hummus and tomato crisps.

After following the varied and healthy diet for six months, Amy managed to drop three stone, but exercise also helped. She started working out three times a week in order to speed up the weight loss process.

The slimmer added: “I was definitely guilty of not eating properly during the day and when I started Goal Getters I struggled to wrap my head around the fact that in order to lose weight I needed to eat three meals as well as three snacks throughout the day, but it’s definitely worked and it’s all to do with speeding up your metabolism.

“When people think of losing weight their immediate thought is that they need to eat less and that’s just not the case.

“My trainer Natasha once said to me ‘you wouldn’t make it to me with no fuel in your car would you, so what makes you think you can work out effectively on an empty stomach’ and it’s so true!”

Amy truly enjoyed the meal plan, which included delicious treats such as popcorn and crisps.

She said: “I don’t feel restricted at all which is the best part, the low calorie snacks are great! I usually take them out with me if I’m meeting my friends for a coffee or something – it’s just part of my lifestyle now.”

Amy continued: “I often get messages from women and men who are losing weight and following my journey on social media. They share with me when they reach weight loss goals and come to me for support when they’re struggling

“That’s an incredible feeling – I know that I have people doing this with me and if I’m helping more than just myself through this lifestyle change, then I can’t ask for anything more.”

Amy shared some of her top tips to adopt a healthy lifestyle which includes “surrounding yourself with positive people who will help and support you”.

“If you can, try to invest in a trainer. Not only is it great for guidance but having someone else who is invested in your journey just as much as you are can be so motivating. Eat little and often, even if you don’t feel hungry. Goal Getters pre-planned meals take the stress out of what to eat and when.”

She concluded: “Take every day as it comes – it’s easy to put a lot of pressure on ourselves, just focus on the small daily goals and before you know it, you’ll have made more progress than you ever thought was possible.”

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