Woman shares huge 5st weight loss after hitting menopause – ‘being 60 has been fabulous’

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Emma Scrivener’s weight began to change when she started going through the menopause, aged 55. After ballooning to a size 24 and weight just over 17 stone, the now 64-year-old decided something needed to be done. This is how The DA Group was born: a weight loss plan created by Emma and her husband, Tony, who are both from Swansea in south Wales. Emma wanted to help others lose weight the same way as she did – but how did she do it?

After piling on the pounds during the menopause, Emma managed to lose a huge five stone and dropped from a size 24 to a healthy size 16.

She did this by following a healthy meal plan, which is now available for others to attempt through The DA Group.

Speaking about her weight loss journey, Emma told Express.co.uk about what motivated it: her menopause symptoms.

She explained: “I don’t think anyone really prepares you for the changes that you will go through when you start to experience menopause symptoms.

“I was peri-menopausal for a number of years and then started full blown menopause at 55.

“I can remember standing by my open bedroom window, not a stitch of clothing on and my hubby asking what I was doing. Even though it was mid- December, I thought it was perfectly fine.

“Apart from feeling that you are constantly living in the Sahara Desert and the mood swings, the worst part of it was the weight gain.

“Whatever I did it didn’t seem to budge and the muffin top was becoming more of a baker’s dozen.

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“I soon ballooned to a size 24 and hit the scales at over 17 stone, the heaviest I had ever been.

“My blood pressure was rocketing, I felt tired and lethargic, and I knew something had to be done.”

Emma began her weight loss transformation seven years ago and, after achieving her goal in just eight months, she has managed to maintain her ideal weight.

She went on to explain how her journey began, saying: “I started by looking at what I was eating and the triggers for myself – I realised that certain foods would have to go so cleared my cupboards of anything that was full of sugar and – my downfall – crisps.

“Going through the menopause and having the associated symptoms were not pleasant, but I knew if I could get my eating under control this would be a good start for my physical and mental well-being.

“I didn’t get too fixated with the scale as I knew I wouldn’t lose as quickly as I did when I was younger, but every pound was celebrated.”

Emma devised a meal plan for herself and lost a whopping five stone without having to sacrifice her favourite foods. She said: “The plan still allows everyday foods and you can still have chocolate if you want to.

“Instead of missing food, thinking it would help me lose weight, I was eating three good meals a day with snacks and enjoying all the different foods I could have.

“I never thought I was missing out on anything, and my hubby was so impressed he joined me as well and lost three and a half stone.”

However, Emma added plenty more vegetables to her diet and “swapped sugary treats for nuts, plain popcorn, fruit, yogurt and I eat the occasional serving of dark chocolate”.

She continued: “I always make sure I have adequate protein as this is so important as you get older and start to lose muscle mass during menopause.

“I realised very quickly if I ate well, I felt well, and eating a good balanced diet helped with menopause symptoms such as hot flushes and mood.”

Emma cut out sugary foods, but also decided to give up alcohol while she concentrated on losing weight because “it is empty calories, makes flushes much worse as it dilates the blood vessels, and leads to low mood”.

As for exercise, the 64-year-old makes sure to only do the things she enjoys, saying: “I don’t go to gym as I simply do not enjoy it, but I love to go on long walks and also am very keen on stretching every day.

“It helps to keep the muscles flexible, strong and healthy and we need that flexibility to maintain movement in the joints.”

For Emma, losing five stone was “an achievement” – the impact on her physical health “enormous”.

She said: “My blood pressure dropped to normal levels, my cholesterol levels were spot on and mentally it made me feel strong and in control.

“As women we are very critical of ourselves, and I think I learned to love myself as I am.

“I might not be a size 10 and I don’t think I ever will be or want to be, but I am content with being the best that I can be.

“I think we are bombarded every day with ideals of how we should look, and this really undermines women’s confidence daily.

“My photos might not be perfect, but I will not use anything to change them.

“I just know that being 60 plus has been fabulous and I am really not afraid of what the future holds,” Emma added.

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