Workout: At home exercise routine to burn calories with a cushion and sofa

Workout routines to be done at home are useful, especially currently. has an exclusive video, created with Seema Parmar. She’s a fitness coach and personal trainer at Psycle London and Sweat it London, as well as an ambassador for Sweaty Betty.


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Seema is partnering with to provide a few home moves Britons can do using a cushion, if they don’t have a block of a yoga block, and a chair, sofa or stool.

She revealed there would be five exercise in total, doing 45 seconds on and 15 seconds off, performed as a circuit.

Once you have completed the circuit you are going take a minute of recovery and and then repeat the whole circuit twice more, making three circuits in total.

The first exercise on the list is a side lunge, using the cushion to slide the foot across the floor.

Seema said: “Get into a side lunge position, bending the standing knee and putting one leg out side the side.

“All you are going to do is bring the knee in and extend it again.

“You have 45 seconds here before you change sides. It’s the standing leg where you feel the work.”

The next exercise is a split squat.

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Seema said: “You are going to bring your back foot on top, either on your toes or resting on your foot, whatever’s easier.

“You’re going to drive that back knee down towards the ground.

“Tuck your tailbone under, strengthen through that core and drive down and squeeze up.”

She added: “Bend the back knee, so you are not overloading the front knee.”

Do 45 minutes on one leg, then change sides and do the same thing with the other leg out in front of you.


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The final exercise is step ups.

Seema explained: “You are going to alternate each time you step up.

So you step up with your right leg, bring the left foot up and step down with the right. Then you step up with the left, right, left, right.

Then alternate back to the ring and back to the left. Keep that going for 45 seconds.

Seema also created a home workout for abs with 

This short routine, demonstrated via video, will have your abs feeling the burn in minimal time.

The expert demonstrates moves to build strength in the core and get you on your way to six pack abs.

All you need is a mat and light weights such as dumbbells of cans of drink.

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