‘You will lose weight’: SAS Who Dares Wins’ Ollie and Foxy key tip to slim for good

Jason Fox gives advice on 'dealing with setbacks'

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SAS: Who Dares Win’s duo Jason, aka “Foxy” and Ollie, have launched a new military-inspired workout program. The new “Battle Ready 360: The Mission Series” programme is available exclusively on the global fitness and well-being community app, TRUCONNECT.

The programme is inspired by the ultimate adversity the duo has faced, both as Special Forces Operatives and in their day-to-day lives.

It is designed to help anyone who has struggled to commit to fitness conquer self-doubt and overcome procrastination to finally lose weight and tone up for good.

The programme’s focus is placed firmly on developing a combat mindset, to help with achieving the results you want.

Express.co.uk sat down with the SAS experts, after a taster of the highly effective workout, to discuss health, fitness, and weight loss.

“One thing I’ll say is, you can’t out-train a bad diet,” Ollie explains. “It’s about that 360-degree sort of view.”

Ollie and Foxy are both in impressive physical shape, and diet is a key element of their fitness.

They both have practical common-sense attitudes toward nutrition.

Ollie says: “It’s about really being focused on your eating, being conscious of what your body needs.

“I don’t believe in any of these extreme diets. I’ve done them before. You know, I’ve been vegan, I’ve been paleo. I’ve tried them all.

“I think at the end of the day, it’s quite simple. You just have to be conscious about what you eat. And I mean, that’s easy enough to do.”

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Foxy has a simple way to think about nutrition to help conceptualise weight loss.

“One easy way to think of it is to treat your body like a bank,” he adds. “If you take more out of the bank than you put in, you end up with less many.

“If you put less into your body than you expend, you will lose weight.”

The programme does not only focus on exercise, but on nutrition too. TRUCONNECT boasts a database with over 200 tasty and nutritious recipes.

So, how do the experts suggest Britons tackle weight loss? Ollie explains: “Firstly, decide when you want to work out.

“We both like working out in the morning. I personally like to work out on an empty stomach. If I do have something I’ll have some oats or something like that. It’s gonna give me that slow burn or slow energy release.

“One thing you’ve got to try and get away from, which is hard this day and age with so many choices, is looking at food for fun instead of fuel.

“At the end of the day, there are two things, short-term comfort, and long-term pain and short-term discomfort and long-term gain. We are wired to take the short time comfort.

“That can be in relationships, food, drink, drugs even. Those are short-term wins, but with discomfort you can go a lot further.”

They pair emphasise the importance of seeing health, both mental and physical, as an investment.

“Your mental wealth is the investment you make in yourself on a regular basis, what you do mentally and physically,” Ollie says. “What are you doing? How are you investing in yourself daily?

“This app is all about mental wealth because we really focus on that mental element. The more you invest in that, the better the return on investment, and there’s no better return on investment.

“A lot of these people will put better fuel in their cars than they do themselves. It’s really just been about being conscious. We’re here for what we’d like to think is the long haul.

“Give yourself a little bit of longevity, have a little bit of pride about yourself.”

Foxy adds: “The Mission Series programme is designed to help anyone learn new skills in unlocking the warrior within them. It’s exciting to reach as many people as possible worldwide to enhance their physical and mental well-being.”

The Mission Series programme is split into two phases each lasting four weeks and comprised of four sessions a week, the pair have worked with former Royal Marine Commando and elite Personal Trainer Denny Denholm to deliver the new program, which starts with basic military training, progressing users through to commando training in helping them become the best version of themselves.

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