Zara Tindall admits it was ‘hard getting my body back’ post-pregnancy

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Zara Tindall has three children and, after each pregnancy, managed to lose her post-pregnancy weight and stay in shape. However, she has confessed that it was at times “difficult” to get back into an exercise routine after giving birth.

Speaking about the struggles of “getting her body back” after giving birth to three children, Zara had a candid discussion with her husband on his new YouTube series, Mike Drop.

Zara featured on Mike’s first episode of the series, in which she openly talks about motherhood, including how difficult it was to return to exercise post-pregnancy.

Zara and Mike have three children – Mia, Lena, and Lucas.

The royal spoke about riding horses again after giving birth to her eldest daughter, saying: “It was hard getting your body back when you’ve been riding for 25 years, and then your body is just completely not doing that.

“Your muscles [are] doing nothing and stretching and creating an amazing thing but it’s completely different.

“Trying to get your body back to where it was, I found, was hard work.

“But she was along for the ride as well, she was very much taken around to the shows, which is kind of easier when you have one.

“I found it hard getting myself back to it. Mentally, you feel guilty as a mother leaving your child to go and do something else.”

Zara also spoke about her diet following Mia’s birth in an interview with the Sunday Times Magazine.

She explained that she began the day at 7am and ate Greek yoghurt and honey for breakfast, before using the exercise bike at her home.

For lunch, she revealed that she avoided two food types to stay healthy and slim.

She said: “Lunch is quick and simple, like soup and a sandwich or eggs and toast.

“I don’t diet but I try to eat well and not to eat too many carbohydrates or sugary things.”

As for dinner, it seems that Zara and Mike eat together as a family and are not afraid to consume some fatty foods once in a while.

In one photo shared to Mike’s Instagram, the family were eating burgers that appeared to be heavily stacked, with double beef patties, bacon, lettuce and melted cheese inside sesame burger buns.

Mike captioned the photo with: “Trying the @macandwild build yours at home and pretty happy with how they look!!! Get in my belly!!”

Mike has spoken about his food choices in the past, telling the Guardian back in 2007: “If Zara is away competing I’ll have my only takeaway of the week.

“It would definitely be a Chinese – it might be a banquet for two but obviously that would just be for me. I can do that fairly easily.”

As for Zara, Sarah Campus, founder of LDN MUMS FITNESS, previously told that the royal “follows two very simple food rules to stay on track; namely, limiting carbohydrates and sugar as much as possible”.

“A typical plate of hers is full of fresh and wholesome foods that are laden with protein, vitamins and nutrients,” she added.

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