Zoe Ball weight loss: Strictly: It Takes Two presenter’s daily diet

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In the past, Zoe took up intermittent fasting to lose weight. She discussed the diet talking on her BBC Radio 2 Breakfast Show.

Zoe told fellow radio host Tina Daheeley: “I’m doing intermittent fasting okay, Tina, because I’m trying to lose a bit of my holiday ham and cheese hips before Strictly starts.”

Intermittent fasting is when dieters only eat during a certain time window, usually, an eight-hour window, for example between 8am and 6pm.

She turned down cake until later in the day, telling Tina: “That lot next door are all eating this cake because it’s Good Food’s 30th birthday.

“They’ve sent us this lovely cake, they’ve saved you a slice they promise us.”

She went on: “I know but I have to wait until 12, I’m having mine at 12, that’s when I’m having it I promise you!”

Zoe has said hosting the Strictly show each year encourages her to stay slim.

She told listeners: “Strictly is almost upon us. That means everything kind of goes out of the window for the next three months.

“So I’ve got four weeks people, to lose a bit of weight, maybe. Because I’ve got to stand next to all those gorgeous dancers.”

“I’ve got to get myself fighting fit for it really.

“So if you see me in a garage or a service station – buying anything of the unhealthy variety you can just go, ‘Oi, Ball.. no!’”

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One trick of Zoe’s is her go-to snack of almonds, a trick she told Woman and Home.

She said: “I love a snack and, like many people, I do find it difficult to say no to the sugary treats…

“On most sets, the crew always seem to have some delicious tempting treats nearby – I find that if I’ve got a packet of almonds around, a handful is a great snack – I’m now offering them to everyone!”

Zoe also gives an insight into her diet on her Instagram account, where she has over half a million followers.

Zoe Ball’s daily diet


She shared an image of herself indulging in poached eggs and avocado on eggs on Mother’s Day.


Zoe told The Telegraph for lunch she has a “chicken salad. [I] try to avoid sandwiches unless they’re the only thing I can get my hands on.”


At dinner time Zoe has posted images of foods like pizza and paella.

Another star who has slimmed down recently is Nigella Lawson.

She has discussed her easy plan, stating in the past she doesn’t diet.

Nigella Lawson’s weight loss is down to yoga, the star has said. 

The chef is well known for her indulgent recipes and relaxed attitude to dieting.

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