7 Father’s Day Gifts Any Dad Would Be Glad to Get

It’s June! Which means longer days, lots of time for backyard grilling and weekends by the pool—and time to celebrate dad! Father’s Day is on June 16 this year, and if you’re looking for ways to let your father, the father of your children, or just your favorite guy who happens to be a dad know how much you love him, without resorting to the same old restaurant gift certificate or iTunes gift card, then you’re in luck! Here we have seven dad-approved gifts that are not only guaranteed to put a smile on his face, but are also (subtly) healthy—or at least not unhealthy. Because no matter how much #dadbods may be in style, he still probably wants to stay on this side of a beer gut, and you still want him stick around a while.

A better shaving kit

Eating healthy should still be delicious.

Whether he likes his cheeks smooth as a newborn, or just wants to keep his five o'clock shadow artfully trimmed, a dad needs a good shaving kit. But you don't need five blades—or the price that comes with those disposable packs—to get a close trim. Grandpa actually knew best: A safety razor is still the nicest (and long-term one of the least expensive) ways to keep your facial hair in check. With a sturdy (and sharp) blade, dad can get a far closer shave, with far less itching or razor burn.

Instead of buying a pre-made kit, you're better off building your own. Start with a sturdy long-handled safety razor ($29) and a stand ($8), and then get a set of sharp blades. Feather makes some of the nicest ($10). Next, skip the old-fashioned brush and soap, which can dry out your skin, and avoid cans of shaving cream which are messy and unnecessarily expensive. Go instead for a shaving oil or shaving cream. You use just a touch of it with water, and it makes your whole face slippery smooth. Creemo is a good brand ($6). Put it all in a nice shaving bag ($14) and you've got a gift he'll enjoy every day for years.

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Some backyard tunes

Between grilling, gardening, trimming the hedges, and just laying around in a hammock, dad probably likes to spend a fair bit of time in the backyard. And while headphones are fine, it's a lot easier—and more fun—to blast some tunes while hanging out back there. The EcoXGear EcoBoulder is more or less the perfect speaker setup for doing that. It's big enough to fill most any outdoor space with sound. It's plenty rugged: both waterproof and dustproof, it can go to the beach or sit in the snow. And it's got a handle and wheels for easy transport, even if it's just out to the back patio.

Buy now: EcoXGear EcoBoulder ($225)

A nicer camping grill

Okay, so color us jaded, but we were actually a bit skeptical about a tiny, wood-burning grill that claims to be able to turn some of the heat into electricity, that a) keeps the fire hot by blowing constantly on it, and b) lets you charge your phone or shine a little light on things.

But that was before we took this BioLite campstove for a spin, and cooked hot dogs and hamburgers for eight using nothing but a handful of twigs we found lying around the campsite! The stove fits finger-sized twigs, and yet heats up incredibly fast and stays hot enough to sear burgers for longer than you'd expect. And the whole thing packs into a handful of easy-to-carry bags. Dad will love the pared-down gadget's tech and portability almost as much as he'll love how easy and inexpensive it is to fuel.

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A healthy cookbook for him

You want dad to eat healthier. Dad wants to make food that tastes great, and wants a cookbook that speaks to him. Enter the Wicked Healthy Cookbook, which has meat-free recipes like Ninja Nuts, Smoky Poutine, Grilled Eggplant Tenderloins, and more that'll have him trolling the veggie aisle and firing up the grill in no time.

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A more useful running watch

We all know that regular exercise is one of the keys to being healthy, but it's difficult to stay motivated. There are plenty of fitness trackers out there, but most of them just tell you what you've done. The Garmin Forerunner 45, however, takes it a step further by telling you what to do: Because it comes with Garmin's super-handy Garmin Coach, dad can choose anything from basic fitness to training for a half marathon, and can pick from three coaches, each with their own training plan. The workouts download automatically into the watch, which also tracks cycling, elliptical, cardio, and more. With heart-rate monitoring, music controls, and a safety feature that sends location info to emergency contacts in case of an incident, it packs a ton of features into a very affordable package.

Buy now: Garmin Forerunner 45 ($200)

A bevy of high-quality beef

If grilling beef is something your dad likes to do, give him a special treat, and get him some of the best possible beef—wagyu—to grill. There's a major difference in taste and quality between what you can get at the store, and the tender, delicious wagyu style beef, which is so rich that you can almost use it like a garnish. KC Cattle Company has some of the best wagyu beef, and they deliver to anywhere in the USA. Their Big Daddy Beef Package is perfect for Father's Day—and it's discounted from $200 down to $160 right now. Keep it healthy with one of our many beef recipes.    

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A climbing gym gift card

Regular gyms have treadmills and dumbbells, and they're great for getting in shape, but they can also be a little boring—more like the exercise equivalent of eating your vegetables. A climbing gym on the other hand, offers adventure. From bouldering puzzles (where you try to climb using only certain handholds) to rope-climbing walls that let you scale several stories, climbing gyms can be exciting, addictive places to spend time. And all that climbing is great for building strength in a wide variety of muscle groups! Bonus: Many gyms are kid-friendly, and even have spaces for kids to climb and play, so they're often great places to bring little ones.

Prices vary. Here's a list of climbing gyms around the country, so you can find one near you.


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