21 Succulent Lobster Recipes for Every Occasion

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Our Best Ideas for Lobster

Sunny days and summer seafood dishes are a match made in culinary heaven. Whether you’re preparing a fresh ceviche recipe or firing up the grill for a salmon dinner, we just love the taste of fresh fish. One of the most popular creatures in the sea is the lobster. This crustacean provides a light yet fulfilling flavor ideal for warm-weather cookouts and year-round dinner parties alike. The world of lobster cuisine offers an array of choices: crowd-pleasing lobster rolls, silky and rich lobster bisque, and so much more. Not sure where to start? Grilled lobster tails are the ultimate summer extravagance. This method assures tender and juicy lobster meat cradled in a shell brimming with garlicky, herby butter. We start with frozen tails because that’s what’s most reliably available, but if you have access to fresh, by all means use them.

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Lobster Rolls

This type of lobster roll is like a cold fish salad and uses mayonnaise as a binder. The top-split hot dog buns complete the dish, especially once you griddle the sides.

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Grilled Lobster Tail Pasta

Decadent lobster tails and seasonal sweet corn on the cob are slathered in lemony oil, then grilled to perfection. A lightly spicy sauce of Fresno chiles, garlic and cherry tomatoes—also cooked on the grill in a cast-iron skillet—brings it all together, while a shower of chopped tarragon and parsley adds color and brightness. We use fresh lobster tails, but feel free to substitute frozen if that’s what your market carries. Just be sure to thaw them before starting the recipe.

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Lobster Wellington

You can bring a bit of fine dining to your life no matter what the occasion with this recipe for lobster Wellington. Instead of beef tenderloin, lobster tails get nestled in garlic-infused spinach and mushrooms, all wrapped in a layer of golden puff pastry.

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Perfect Lobster Tails

Once you’ve determined how to buy the perfect lobster, you’ll have to pick the ideal recipe to showcase the beloved shellfish. So, where to start amidst this abundance of enticing options? We’ve rounded up our favorite lobster recipes, kicking off with a guide to cooking perfect and simple lobster tails. While this foolproof recipe can serve as a main course with a baked potato or grilled corn on the cob, it can also be a handy guide for cooking lobster to use in any one of the more elaborate dishes in this gallery.

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Lobster Mac and Cheese

Few things in life are as luxurious and indulgent as lobster mac and cheese. The blend of Gruyere and Cheddar cheese complements the lobster without overpowering it.

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BLT Lobster Rolls

This dish combines the best of two sandwiches: the BLT and the classic lobster roll. This sandwich is studded with crispy bacon and juicy tomatoes, but the star of the show is the creamy mayo dressing, laced with fresh basil and lemon juice.

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Lobster Fritters

Savor the delicious crunch of these lobster fritters, featuring a mixture of vegetables and succulent lobster meat in a seasoned batter and fried to golden-brown perfection. Best enjoyed hot with a squeeze of lemon, this dish offers a tasty twist on traditional seafood appetizers.

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Pappardelle With Lobster and Corn

Lobster pairs beautifully with sweet summer corn, and this pasta dish highlights the best of both. Buy some fresh pappardelle to go with it, or challenge yourself by making a homemade batch.

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Lobster Thermidor

There are at least two schools of thought when it comes to lobster thermidor. One insists on a béchamel base; the other employs an egg-yolk sauce, a loose savory custard of sorts. I think béchamel is wonderful in dishes like lasagna. In lobster thermidor, though, I like a lighter, more flavorful sauce that complements rather than overwhelms the shellfish. Note that you could use brandy or cognac instead of sherry, if you like.

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Lobster Pot Pie

This spin on a lobster pot pie is not only elegant, but it’s also practical for entertaining! Serving the crust on the side lets you make and bake it in advance. The same goes for the lobster stock and base. You can make everything in advance—just wait to add the chopped lobster meat to the sauce until right before serving, so it stays tender and does not get tough.

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Lobster Boil

This take on a New England lobster boil has sweet fennel, baby potatoes, kielbasa sausage, fresh corn, plus a heavy splash of beer to create a heavenly broth. Serve this feast at your next dinner party with toasted sourdough slices to sop up every drop of tasty sauce.

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Lobster Reubens

Some say the Reuben sandwich is perfect as it is. Those people probably haven’t tried a lobster Reuben, where chunks of lobster take the place of pastrami underneath melted Swiss cheese and Russian dressing.

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Lobster Ceviche

Fresh ceviche is a great way to highlight the flavor of high-quality seafood. Marinated in a vibrant medley of citrus juices, it’s the perfect light entrée for warm summer days.

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Warm Lobster Rolls

Warm lobster rolls are just as good as their cold counterparts. Instead of mayonnaise, the lobster meat is tossed in warm melted butter along with diced celery, fresh herbs, and a squeeze of lemon.

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Lobster Bisque

While lobster bisque can be a bit time-consuming to make, the results are always worth the effort. The creamy soup is flavored with sherry, thyme, and a pinch of saffron.

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Lobster Salad

Toss some poached lobster meat with celery, tarragon, chives, and a homemade aioli for an elegant lunch or gathering. Serve it on tender butter lettuce and top with just a simple squeeze of lemon.

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Baked Lobster with Garlic Butter Panko

One simple and satisfying way to prepare lobster is by stuffing it with breadcrumbs and baking it until a gorgeous golden brown crust forms. This recipe adds fresh thyme, parsley, and garlic for maximum flavor.

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Lobster Stew

A tasty lobster meal doesn’t have to be complicated. This quick lobster stew uses a store-bought lobster base to quickly add a heavy dose of flavor.

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Lobster Ravioli

If you’ve never tried making your own ravioli at home, this recipe might be the one to finally convince you to give it a whirl. Store-bought wonton wrappers save you the step of making pasta dough so you can focus on perfecting the delicious filling.

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Lobster Pot Pie

Lobster recipes aren’t just for summer. This rib-sticking lobster pot pie will warm you up even on the coldest of nights thanks to the golden brown pie crust and a thick, creamy filling.

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