Best Buffalo Chicken ever. ?

I made this and I eat it. ?


  1. Lea and Perrins Worcester sauce
  2. Onien powder
  3. Garlic powder
  4. Promotion cheese
  5. Marinade
  6. Black pepper
  7. Salt + table pepper
  8. Buffalo Chicken
  9. Green beans + corn
  10. Bell peppers
  11. Lemon pepper


  1. De-stim and de-seed bell peppers and cook your bell peppers first. In a pan ? put Lea and Perrins warseter sauce and marinaderende on them.

  2. When you bell’s are done set them in a big bowl in the same pan cook your Buffalo Chicken and add the other stuff (except your corn and green beans) make sure to stir it all in flipping it about 1 every 3 mints. Intel it’s kind of crispy.

  3. After that put the chicken in the bowl with you bell’s and open your corn and green beans. (Only put the corn in the pan not the green beans) and fry it in a little bit of bacon grease and table salt + pepper. And dump it in a separate bowl along with your green beans and shake it up. And ya good to go. ?

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