Bourbon chicken breast /cherry glaze /veloute sauce / puff pastry lattice

A dish we did for an event ( I’ll do recipes on sauces later )


  1. 4 chix breast
  2. 2 cup Bourbon ( choose your favs
  3. 1/2 cup brown suger
  4. 8 sprigs fresh thyme leaves
  5. 4 tbsp All spice
  6. 4 tbsp black pepper course ground
  7. 3 rosemary twigs


  1. Peel all thyme off of sprigs

  2. Get whole black pepper and pix in spice grinder till course

  3. Mix all ingredients together and taste and adjust to your liking

  4. Add chix breast to marinade and put in rosemary twigs and throughly cover everything

  5. Let sit for 12 hours – 24 and then pull out, grill for seat marks, finish in over at 330 for 15-25 mins depending on breast size

  6. Pull out and enjoy

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