Cajun Crack Chicken Pasta (Instant Pot)

My twist on Instant Pot crack chicken. Cajuns like it spicy. Most recipes call for one packet, I used 2, so this dish packs a flavor punch. Feel free to omit parsley, or use dried. Experiment with different ranch flavors. IP 8qt Ultra


  1. 1 pack bacon
  2. 2 lb chicken breast
  3. 1 tbs minced garlic
  4. 5 c chicken stock or water
  5. 1 lb rotini pasta
  6. 2 packet Spicy ranch mix
  7. 8 oz cream cheese
  8. 8 oz cheddar
  9. Fresh Parley


  1. Cook bacon reserve the oil. Put 1 tbs bacon grease into IP on sauté mode. Chop chicken breast to cubes, and sauté about 5 Mins – add garlic and Ranch packets, sauté 3 more Mins.

  2. Add broth and pasta, make sure all pasta is submerged – Pressure Cook High 5 Mins.

  3. Release steam, add cheeses, chopped bacon and fresh parsley mix well. Let cool 5 Mins and serve.

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