Cheating baked potatoes

No time to make real baked potatoes who has time for that?! 5 mins in microwave and add your toppings nobody needs to know anything!


  1. Potatoes
  2. Seasonings
  3. Butter
  4. Toppings you wish
  5. Water


  1. Wash dry potatoes puncture or cut small slices all over on top bottom n sides

  2. Place your potatoe 1 at a time in a small about of water in a microwave safe bowl microwave about 3 mins flip and microwave additional 2 mins or until soft please be careful as bowl may get hot water will be boiling and potato will also be hot!

  3. When done take out of water it is very hot! Cut on long slice add desired amount of butter to inside close allow to melt

  4. Once melted add salt n pepper or other seasonings before u use toppings ! Add another small about of butter here

  5. Add toppings as you desire

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