Chinese sesame cookie

Chinese cookie is one kind of very traditional dessert. It’s made of lard. But I mix a lot corn oil to make the it more light. Here we go.


  1. 40 g Corn oil
  2. 10 g lard
  3. 35 g sugar powder
  4. 15 g whole egg
  5. 2 g salt
  6. 100 g all purpose flour
  7. 0.5 g baking powder
  8. 0.5 g soda powder


  1. Mix corn oil and lard. add the sugar powder. use the electric whisk to mix them evenly.

  2. Add the egg liquid. mix can add for 3 times. a little by a little.

  3. Shift all the powder. Just mix. no more.
    5.roll each 15g dough into a ball. flatten it

  4. Brush the surface egg yolk. spay some black seasame. Bake at 175.for about 15 mins. Done.

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