Classic Cocktails Everyone Should Know

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Dark and Stormy

Despite the name, this classic cocktail will be the highlight of any night with friends. Pro Tip: Lay a spoon upside down over the glass when pouring the shot of rum, so it doesn’t mix into the drink right away — that way, you’ll achieve that “stormy” look.

Get the Recipe:Dark and Stormy

Moscow Mule

For a refreshing spin and an extra pop of flavor, add ginger ice cubes — they’ll give the drink even more spicy goodness as they melt.

Get the Recipe:Moscow Mule

Old Fashioned

Craving a smooth, simple cocktail? The traditional drink (muddled with sugar, bitters and orange zest) pairs nicely with its strong whiskey counterpart.

Get the Recipe:Old Fashioned

Mint Julep

Get the Recipe:Mint Julep

Rob Roy

Get the Recipe:Rob Roy

Bloody Mary

Whether it’s a classy brunch with friends or a way to treat yourself on Saturday morning, a Bloody Mary is the perfect way to start any weekend.

Get the Recipe:Bloody Mary

Val’s Classic Negroni

A savory drink that leaves nothing to waste! When everything is combined, add strips of orange peel to amplify the flavors even more.

Get the Recipe:Val’s Classic Negroni

Sparkling Bourbon Lemonade

Get the Recipe:Sparkling Bourbon Lemonade

Classic Manhattan Cocktail

Rich and warm with a hint of sweetness — it’s no wonder whiskey lovers favor this classic drink.

Watch the Video:Classic Manhattan Cocktail

Hot Ginger Toddy

Get the Recipe:Hot Ginger Toddy

Pimm’s Cup

A sweet and fruity concoction in a highball glass makes for a fun drink.

Get the Recipe:Pimm’s Cup

The Little Italy (Manhattan with Aperol)

Get the Recipe:The Little Italy (Manhattan with Aperol)

Chipotle Margarita

Get the Recipe:Chipotle Margarita


The popularity of the Cosmo can be easily traced back to the early 90s but it’s still an attention-grabbing cocktail today! Something about its beautiful pink color and fancy glass will never go out of style.

Get the Recipe:Cosmopolitans

Hemingway Daiquiri

Get the Recipe:Hemingway Daiquiri

Grilled Orange Boulevardier

Complexity at its finest. The Orange Boulevardier combines splashes of bourbon, vermouth and Campari with an added bonus of straight-from-the-grill oranges for a sweeter taste.

Get the Recipe:Grilled Orange Boulevardier

Southside Cocktail

Get the Recipe:Southside Cocktail

Southern Driver

Get the Recipe:Southern Driver

Ramos Gin Fizz

Get the Recipe:Ramos Gin Fizz

Ruby Smash

Get the Recipe:Ruby Smash

Rum Lemonade

Get the Recipe:Rum Lemonade


Get the Recipe:Sazerac

Classic Martini

Get the Recipe:Classic Martini

Italian Manhattan

Get the Recipe:Michael’s Italian Manhattan

White Russian

Sometimes referred to as an adult milkshake, the White Russian is a classic cocktail that’s creamy, boozy and has just the right amount of coffee flavor. When making each one, the cream is poured off the back of a spoon for a neat layer on top. Enjoy this subtly sweet three-ingredient drink as an after-dinner indulgence.

Get the Recipe:White Russian

Happy Hour

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