Empanadas from Leftovers

So, had some leftovers from my soups and such and was feeling like crunchy fried! These look like h e double toothpicks but this was round two with a dough and I WANTED empanadas!

I’ll post the dough recipe when I make it again! ?

Most of what I found on the ‘net has way to much grease, lard, fat, butter, etc.


  1. Empanada dough, recipe to follow
  2. 1/2 onion, chopped
  3. Napolitos, chopped
  4. Mexican squash, chopped
  5. to taste Hominy,
  6. 1 cup Refried beans, about
  7. Some ground beef, pork, chicken, etc
  8. Eggwash to seal edges


  1. Empanada time! Bottom half with egg wash to seal when cooking.

  2. Yep, sticky rice for sure!

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