Ham on a Bun with Heather's Cheese Dip

A delicious easy dip made by my youngest daughter.


  1. Dip
  2. 30 ounces Ragu's double cheddar cheese
  3. 1 pound ground beef
  4. To taste salt
  5. To taste ground black pepper
  6. To taste granulated onion powder
  7. To taste granulated garlic powder
  8. 2 cans your favorite canned chili
  9. Ham and bun
  10. 1 slice smoked ham
  11. 1 slice hotdog bun


  1. Brown the ground beef add salt, onion powder, pepper, and garlic to taste.

  2. Mix the cheese, chili, and ground beef. Simmer 7 minutes or until warmed through. Add ham to the bun.

  3. Add dip. Serve I hope you enjoy!

  4. You will have plenty of dip leftover you can make more sandwiches or dip chips in it!!

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