Here’s Your Official Potato Salad Bucket List for Summer

If you ask us, summer just wouldn’t be summer without potato salad. It’s one of the first things we scoop up at a backyard barbecue, and it’s a picnic essential. There are countless variations — all great in their own right — but these are the 10 most popular potato salads we’ve ever shared.

1. Potato Salad with Yogurt, Arugula & Dill

Swapping some of the mayo for yogurt not only lightens up this potato salad, but it also makes it nice and tangy.

2. How To Make the Best Classic Potato Salad

If you’re looking for the most classic, old-fashioned potato salad around, here’s the recipe for you. It’s one that you’ll turn to summer after summer.

3. Bacon-Lovers’ Potato Salad

What makes this truly a bacon-lover’s potato salad? The smoky fat that’s rendered out as the bacon cooks is then used in the vinaigrette.

4. Mixed New Potato Salad with Basil and Shallots

If you can’t get your hands on new potatoes, any baby red or white potatoes will work in this simple recipe.

5. Cheezy Potato Salad

This retro potato salad gets its cheesy flavor from Cheez Wiz, which is balanced by sour cream or Greek yogurt.

6. Buttermilk Ranch Potato Salad

Definitely don’t skimp on the herbs here — they make this potato salad stand out among the rest, jolting it with freshness and color.

7. Miso Potato Salad with Yellow Wax Beans

Here’s your answer if you’re wondering what to do with some of that miso paste you bought for soup over the winter. A spoonful in the dressing gives it a boost of savoriness.

8. Potato Salad with Lemon Tahini & Dill Dressing

Tahini is not a traditional addition to potato salad, but it might become a new favorite. It lends creaminess while providing nutty, rich flavor.

9. Warm Potato and Salmon Salad

Potato salad becomes the main even when you toss in budget-friendly canned salmon. Leftover cooked salmon can also be used — just flake it right in.

10. Southern Smashed Potato Salad

Dry mustard adds just the right amount of spice and flair to this smashed red potato salad.

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