Mansaff منسف

This is the most famous dish in Jordan usually they cook it at holiday ,weddings , in other word it’s king meal.


  1. Lamp shanks
  2. Dry yogurt called Jamed
  3. Rice
  4. Arabic bread called shraq
  5. Pine nuts and almonds


  1. Boil meat add spices like cinnamon allspice pepper anise-star cardamom cloves with big onion chopped until meat is tender

  2. Jamed the dry yogurt you soak it night before in water the second day will be soft so you blend it with the broth each one of the Jamed will need 4 cups of broth

  3. Add the meat to the yogurt mixture and simmer over low heat for half hour.

  4. Make recipe of cook rice

  5. Using butter toast the pine nuts

  6. How to serve bread first shraq very thin bread pour some of the yogurt broth then place enough rice over it top the rice with meat garnish with pine nuts and almonds pour more yogurt broth and serve more broth on side enjoy

  7. You notice I never mentioned salt in this recipe it does not need it because the dry yogurt is salty even when I cook the rice I don’t even add salt

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