Nasi Tim Ayam (chicken steam rice)

Indonesian popular dish. Suitable for young and old. Comforting food 🙂


  1. For chicken stock
  2. 1 pc kampong chicken bones (separate the bones and meat)
  3. 10 pcs chicken feet
  4. Pinch salt
  5. For chicken
  6. 1 kampong chicken (meat, cut into bite size)
  7. Straw mushroom
  8. 1/4 yellow onion, diced
  9. 3 garlics, minced
  10. 3 tbs sweet soya sauce
  11. 1.5 tbs light soya sauce
  12. 2 tbs oyster sauce
  13. 1 tbs sesame oil
  14. to taste Salt, pepper, sugar
  15. 100 ml water
  16. For the rice
  17. 3 cups short grain rice
  18. 3.5 cups chicken stock
  19. 3/4 tbsp oyster sauce
  20. 3/4 tbsp sesame oil
  21. 1.5 tbsp sweet soya sauce
  22. 1.5 tbsp light soya sauce
  23. Salt, pepper, chicken stock powder
  24. For garnish
  25. Boil green vegetables
  26. Spring onion


  1. Boil the chicken bones and chicken feet until tender. I used pressure cooker so took me 15 mins only. Add pinch of salt. Set aside. You can prepare the stock before and freeze it for future use.

  2. For the chicken: heat some oil in the pan, add the chicken meat. Cook until no longer pink. Add in mushroom, add all seasoning. Cook until most of the water is reduced. Taste and adjust the seasoning accordingly.

  3. For the rice: wash the rice, dry. In a pan, cook the rice with all seasoning until the rice absorb all the stock. The rice is still hard at this stage. We will need to steam the rice again.

  4. Assemble: in a bowl, put some chicken, and covered it with rice

  5. Steam for 30-40 minutes until the rice is cooked perfectly.

  6. Ready to serve with some veggies. Season the remaining chicken stock with salt/pepper/chicken stock powder and serve as a side dish.

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