Panada (Tuna Stuffed Bread)


  1. Bread: high protein flour 300gr, sugar 45gr, yeast 1 tsps, butter 1/2 tbsp, 1 egg, coconut milk 225ml, salt
  2. Filling: steamed tuna, lemongrass, spring onion, kafir lemon leaves, garlic, shallots, chilli (red and green), pandan leave for fragrance, salt sugar


  1. Steam the tuna then shred it. Cook it with all the seasoning without adding any liquid.

  2. Mix all bread ingredients into bowl then knead with love….. Rest it for 1 hour then press it to release the gas.

  3. Release the gas.

  4. Measure about 50gr for one piece of bread.

  5. Fill the dough with tuna filling

  6. Try your best to make it beautiful. I didn’t make this process well, the bread didn’t come out to nice shape. Ok, fry it though.

  7. Ready to serve. Trust me it is incredibly delicious. I wished I put more chilli….

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