Pumpkin dry tofu with salted egg

This one is really delicious I promise.One of the best for me.i love it.will not sayanymore,but do try it out.you will like it too I bet ??


  1. Garlic
  2. Pumpkin
  3. Dry tofu
  4. Oyster sauce
  5. Fish sauce
  6. Water


  1. Prep all your ingredients as seen below.then heat your cooking oil and wok.once hot enough fry your garlic until fragrance then add in hard boil salted egg.stir well with medium heat mesh it..it will come to bubble like u seen below.

  2. Then add in pumpkin and fry tofu and also your sauces mixer.stir well.you can add little bit or water not too wet n dry.leave it for about 5-8m. Tips..organic pumpkin cooked way faster than the non organic.what reason behind it I don’t know.but this is what I realized.and it is way sweeter too.

  3. Once done just pour in your plate and serve.red chilies is just for garnish purposes.happy try

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