Quick 'n Easy Buffalo Ranch Chicken Crescent Ring


  1. 2 tubes Cresent Rolls
  2. 2 pkg Chicken Strips
  3. 1 bottle Buffalo Ranch Sauce
  4. 1 pkg Mozzarella Shredded
  5. 1 pkg Hash browns (we prefer Southern style w/ peppers & onion)


  1. Open Cresent roll tubes, unroll and form them in a circle. (I usually have 4 extra, I prefer spaces between and not fully cover by the Cresent rolls; I’ll tell ya what I do with these in a bit…)

  2. In bowl mix chicken, mozzarella cheese and Buffalo Ranch sauce to your desired consistency. (Some like it more saucy, others less… mix to your preference.)

  3. Add mixture around the center circle, keeping it on the dough… Then wrap Cresent roll over the chicken with the point in the center area covering the chicken mixture all the way around.

  4. Add hasbrowns around the outside of the ring.

  5. Cook in oven per the instructions on the Cresent roll tube but ADD an additional 10 minutes. Then serve.

  6. EXTRA 4 CRESENT ROLLS… On another pan I unroll then, add a little layer of butter. Sorinkly Cinnamon Sugar to my desired amount, roll up in Cresent roll shape and bake according to Cresent roll tube. DESSERT INCLUDED!!!

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