Ricotta Cheese Gnocchi

Gnocchi, as explained by an Argentine mama.


  1. 1 (32 oz) container of Ricotta Cheese
  2. Approximately 12-16 oz of flour
  3. 1 egg


  1. Add one egg to 32 oz of Ricotta Cheese

  2. Add approximately 12-16 oz of flour

  3. Mix and knead until a dough-like consistency

  4. Put flour down on table

  5. Knead dough

  6. Make a rectangle and add more flour, then cut in approximately 1” sections

  7. Roll sections into longer pieces

  8. Cut into 1” sections again

  9. Roll onto fork, while pushing thumb to make a divot

  10. One side of gnocchi

  11. The other side of gnocchi

  12. Gnocchi sits in flour until you are ready to boil

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