Salt Koji Marinated Mushrooms

Koji is an ingredient used for fermented foods such as miso and Sake, made from grain such as rice, wheat, soybean, etc. The beneficial bacteria promote gut health and are also rich in enzymes that help to digest protein, carbs and fat while increasing the bioavailability of minerals.


  1. Fresh mushrooms (Any kind of mushroom is OK.)
  2. Salt Koji 1-1.5 tbsp per 100 g of mushrooms


  1. Prepare a pan and boil water. Slice the mushrooms.

  2. Cook mushrooms for 1.5 mins. Then drain the excess water.

  3. Prepare a clean food container. Mix the mushrooms and salt koji together.

  4. When it cools, store in the fridge. It lasts for 5 days.

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